Doctor calls for "No Vape November" in public high schools

During a forum at North Central Missouri College, one physician and candidate for Governor called on students in public high schools to hand-over their vapes

Today on the campaign trail, Dr. Jim Neely said he wants the state to designate November as "No Vape November", a month during which teenagers across Missouri will receive no punishment from their public high schools for turning in vaping devices.

Among teenagers, vaping devices like Juul have become much more popular than traditional tobacco products.

Dr. Jim Neely, a Republican state representative
and candidate for Governor, wants Missouri
to make November "No Vape November"

“Young people need to recognize the dangers of vaping and get rid of their Juuls,” said Dr. Jim Neely, a physician and Republican State Representative from Cameron, Missouri who is running for Governor. “Any tobacco use is harmful to your circulatory and reproductive systems and can cause chronic disorders, especially in teenagers.”

One public school in the Ozarks is already allowing its students to hand-over their vaping devices this month with no consequences. Officials at Reeds Spring High School say "No Vape November" is making a positive impact for students.

"We just wanted to take a different approach to that and show kids that we do care about their well-being, we're not here to get them in trouble," Reeds Spring Principal Dr. Isaac Sooter said.

In only four school days, students turned in 15 vapes voluntarily.

Students who turn in vapes during 'No 
Vape November' receive a free t-shirt at
Reeds Spring High School

"I have to commend Reeds Spring High School for encouraging students to take control of their own health," said Dr. Neely. "No Vape November is something we need to institute at public high schools across Missouri."

Neely will pre-file legislation to address teen vaping in December. The legislative session begins in January 2020.



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